UX Designer

GoBIG League Redesign

See how I built a redesign with a touch of UX improvements

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About the project

I be a part of the esports culture for about 6 years as a professional, so it was a pleasure for me when the Big Leet GmbH was coming to me for a redesign of the official website for their own CS:GO League at the end of 2020. Bigleet GmbH is a premier, world-class esports organization founded and based in Berlin, Germany. There professional teams and players compete in the most prestigious leagues worldwide.

My Roles

In this project, I take responsibility for the whole task as UX/UI Designer and Webdesign.


  • UX Research

  • Prototyping & Wireframing

  • User Testing

  • Visual Design


  • Adobe XD

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

Timeline and Status

  • 2 Months

  • Released Q1 2021


For the players

After my contact with the stakeholders, I created a new Information Architecture, Visual Design, and UX improvements based on the Brand, Stakeholders' wishes, and User pain points.

  • Conduct early user testing

  • Define MVP

  • Polish the User Experience with the base of my Research

  • Create a Style Guide


This Project includes also some new Features

  • Custom created Icons for the project

  • New Website Hierarchy

  • Renew the Information Architecture for a better understanding of the customer

  • Creating flexible tables for stats and scoreboards

  • Create a Mobile Responsive Design

New User features for a better User Experience

  • Status of your registration and subscription

  • Improved Information Architecture and User Interface for the own profile

  • A clear signifier for the user about the status if he can play

  • Statistic overview and comparison 

  • Improved User Flows

GoBIG League Redesign

Changes & Learnings

Due to user feedback, we had some minor changes and also some awesome feedback.

  • Working with a good balance of whitespace and information
    The Website tried to give a lot of information, feedback, and statistics back to the user. Here it's important to find a good balance so that the users do not have a cognitive overload.

  • Polished the User Flow with Feedback
    After some Usability Testings with real users, I was able to polish the Progress from the first visit of to the first game on

  • Working with Brand of Bigleet GmbH
    I had a lot of freedom in the design exploration process, but I want to stick to the Visual Design of the BIG Clan.

  • Connect a Website with a 3rd Party provider